Neck Protection Slow Rebound Memory Foam Sleep Pillow

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Design this Memory Foam Sleep Pillow on the advice of a sleep expert. Help you relax the cervical spine, bring deep sleep. This design is designed to help everyone have a good night. Unlike other pillows, this Pillow has a dust-proof and special breathable inner cover that extends the life of the memory foam core more effectively. The cover is removable, cleanable, and breathable. Put the lid in the machine wash, do not wash the memory foam core, just put the core in the ventilation, do not bask in the sun.

This Neck Protection Pillow is naturally different from traditional pillows and does not become a breeding ground for dust and bacteria. This pillow will provide a protective barrier. If you encounter the smell of "fresh foam", it is harmless. After opening the pillow and placing it, the odor should dissipate after a few days.


  • High work pressure, cervical fatigue, office workers, and patients with cervical disease
  • Light sleepers with low sleep quality, ease insomnia, more dreams, and easy waking
  • Elderly people with cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, high blood pressure, and other diseases
  • Students who are under high learning pressure and in the exam preparation stage are under high learning pressure.
  • Women with poor skin and premature appearance Poor sleep will directly affect a woman's appearance.


Package Includes:

  • 1x Neck Protection Slow Rebound Memory Foam Sleep Pillow

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