Hand-held Micro Intelligent Anxiety Fast Sleep Aid

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Sleep is a physiological response, part of the brain's nerve activity, and it is the result of inhibition after the nerve cells in the cerebral cortex continue to excite. When inhibition is dominant in the cerebral cortex, people sleep Stimulating neurotransmitters in the cerebral cortex through microcurrent to regulate emotions and promote sleep.

The quality of sleep determines the quality of life. Put the product on the hand to relax the main nerves.

How to use:

Put the front of the Hand-held Micro Intelligent Anxiety Fast Sleep Aid completely on the palm of your hand

(1) The start switch is in low-frequency decompression mode, and it is recommended for left-handed use

(2) Pressing the switch again is the high frequency mode, it is recommended to use the right hand

(3) The "+" and "-" on both sides are used to adjust the power

(4) Long press the switch to shut down

(5) Lightweight and portable, it is easy to carry.

(6) USB charging

(7) Exquisite design, matte texture, comfortable grip Protective shell, hanging design 


Product material: ABS+stainless steel

Product size: 25*32*70mm

Color: Gray/Orange/green

Battery capacity: 500mAh

Input voltage: DC 5V/1A

Working power: 0.5W

Charging port: Micro

USB Battery life: 20 hours

Suggested use time: 15 minutes/time

Package Includes

1x Hand-held Micro Intelligent Anxiety Fast Sleep Aid

1 Silicone case

1 USB data cable

1 English manual

1 Certificate of conformity

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