Dressing your table up to the nines is not only in vogue, it also prevents longer time cleaning up dirt. Coming back from work to meet the dining table messed up real bad sounds like a horror movie. These were my thoughts and experiences until I finally decided to get me some leather placemats from
These leather placemats add elegance and are romantic to your dining table and kitchen decorations. So if you are as stylish as I am, they are certainly right for you. It is a great for home dinner and lover theme restaurant. If you are a home body, these leather placemats are a must use. 
The best leather placemats transforms your home setting to a more mature and elegant one. Not only is it beautifully crafted to suit your needs, it also prevents that unnecessary stain your dining table doesn’t need. At Lafenora, you get the best dining table placemats cut out to your taste that is strong and durable and can last for many years. 
It can be quite frustrating when our children pour their food all over the dining table even if they can’t help it. Protect your dining table with the best leather placemats available in our store.
Placemats are often used as protective mats on a dining table. Your ideal placemat will rely on a number of things, such as your particular taste in fashion, your preferred material, and the kinds of gatherings you intend to use them for. Additionally, tablecloths can be used to improve the interior decor of your home.



There are many different materials available for placemats. You can choose from dense cloth materials that are frequently very absorbent, like linen and cotton, to environmentally friendly options like recycled plastic and wood. 
You'll be sure to find something that matches your table and style. Glass placemats may appear sleek and contemporary, but they might not be the greatest option if you intend to host guests who are small children. 
Your best bet are leather Placemats from Lafenora because they have an organic and natural form and are made from repurposed leather. It is simple to coordinate with other table decorations and can be used on a regular basis or for special occasions.

2. Size 

The size of your placemats will depend on the size of your dining table. Placemats should be large enough to hold one person's dish at the table, but you should also make sure that there is enough room for other objects such a fork, spoon, knife, bowl, and glass.
With Placemats from Lafenora, your dining room table looks more upscale and feels more at home in your kitchen thanks to the irregular oval shape. It is the perfect size, big enough to accommodate necessary items yet still portable enough to show off your gorgeous table and leave room for other objects.

3. Color 

The color of your placemats should coordinate with the overall concept of your party or dining area in addition to the colors of your tablecloth and dining table. To get a coordinated effect, I advise matching your placemats to your tablecloth (if you're using one). Don't forget to coordinate them with the rest of your decor, including the vases, tabletop decorations, chair cushions, and more. 
At Lafenora, you can use our attractive placemat to glam up your favorite dinner dishes, and match them with vibrant silverware. With the opportunity to experiment provided by our table mats, your home will always be decorated for special events as well as daily life.

Our home table mats are elegant and lovely while also being of excellent quality, allowing you to defend your house. Find your new table mats by browsing our extensive selection of table mats today.

Depending on your preferences, the dining table mat can give your home a variety of designs and styles. With gorgeous colors and our oval-shaped leather placemat, you may create a raw style or a more neutral appearance. Additionally, use leather table mats with confidence to give your house a unique and vibrant appearance. Yes, the only limitation is one's own imagination.

Improve the aesthetics of your dining area without spending a fortune on new furniture. This distinctive set, which comes in a range of colors, will transform your dining room into a fresh place.


Use this attractive placemat to glam up your favorite dinner dishes, and match them with vibrant silverware. With the opportunity to experiment provided by our table mats, your home will always be decorated for special events as well as daily life.

Set the mood for a romantic dinner date, a family thanksgiving or even a special dinner for your family. Mix and match the unique design of this unique placemat to turn it up a bit. 

In this manner, you can produce the precise expression you choose. You are free to explore and try out different appearances and expressions thanks to our table mats.


The table mats from LAFENORA are appropriate for both the office and the home. With our table mats, your business may spruce up the lobby, canteen, or other spaces. Our emphasis on environmental friendliness allows your business to contribute since it can change things. Additionally, it makes a favorable impression on potential clients. Additionally, your business receives high-quality, gorgeous table mats.

Because they are always in style, our leather table mats will also be a hit as a corporate gift.


You can aid in changing things too because LAFENORA wants to save the environment. Our leather placemats are made from leftover supplies of items like shoes, bags, and belts which our leather table mats are built upon.

The table mats are made of reclaimed leather, which is a really strong and cleanly material that is also water resistant. Last but not least, they are incredibly lovely to leave on your dining room table or anywhere else in the house, where they can help to create a fresh and lovely look.

The most crucial aspects of our production are respect for craftsmen and the environment. Because of this, our table mats are created with consideration for the environment and the materials used, with a focus on both beauty and use. 

Shop the best leather placemats from the Lefenora store today to glam up your home while protecting your dining space.