At noon, we'll start the countdown to New Year's once more. The excitement is out of this world. Celebrating the new year with you all. At LAFENORA, we want to celebrate you every single day of your life that is why we carefully created this household item that can follow you from home to home and lasts for as long as possible. The new year is one of joy, and a lot people opt for more comfortable conveniences to make life easier. Our beautiful and functional placemat is here to do the job effortlessly. Curate beautiful memories when you shop a LAFENORA placemat right now. 

Enjoy your year better with our exquisite placemats while reveling in the experience. From private dinners to family hangouts, LAFENORA gattcha!

What better way to start the year than by doing it the most comfortable way you can think of? To make your home not only beautiful but eating time fun and pleasurable for all family members, you need a placemat from the store. Cheers to living a more comfortable life in 2023!

Check out our new years placemat selection for the very best in unique or custom, beautiful pieces from our placemats store. Your home deserves to look the part and remain gorgeous always. A placemat is like a cover used to protect the home surfaces. It covers just a portion of a table, big enough to hold all plates and cutlery but still small that it doesn’t cover the beauty of your dining table.You need this gorgeous placemats now.

With their enticing colors, patterns, and other features, placemats give your table setting a fresh flavor. There are numerous materials that can be used for placemats, including china, plastic, and ceramic. Placemats make it easier to maintain a functional and tidy table.

What function do placemats serve? 

In some cases, the appeal takes precedence over the actual experience. For instance, you could want your dinner guests to enjoy themselves. So, to do that, you add gorgeous placemats to your table.

Placemats are also a conversation starter, a status symbol, and a scene-setter for your dining table in addition to being a decorative item for the area surrounding the table. The elegant construction of placemats improves the appearance of your dining table.

In addition to the many uses listed above, a placemat can also be used for the following things: 

A restaurant's ability to impress customers 

A placemat is quite helpful if you run a hotel or restaurant. Due to the occasionally extremely untidy nature of your clientele, this is. On your pricey furniture, customers might leave food stains. Placemats, on the other hand, eliminate your need to worry because they help keep your furniture stain-free. 

By making it simpler to clear the table and prepare it for future guests, placemats not only help your clients but also your staff members. Placemats thus contribute to an overall boost in restaurant productivity.Your dining table decorating may seem to have advantages that are obvious to you, but you will undoubtedly be surprised by more of its benefits. Furthermore, the function of placemats can go beyond only stunning visitors and possibly encompass future developments. 

Consider giving a LAFENORA placemat as a gift if you recently purchased a new dining table, are looking to treat someone special, or just want to try something new. Anyone who owns a dining table will appreciate it more than anything else. 

The introduction of placemats is fantastic because they are useful for both regular use and special occasions when you are hosting guests. Fabric tablecloths are rarely used for regular use since they are more difficult to maintain clean and organized. Even so, you still want to shield your dining table from scuffs, spills, and the heat or cold that comes from food and beverages. The placemat's primary purpose is to protect your table, but it can also be used to coordinate with your dinnerware and table. So begin your search for the ideal placemat for regular usage that is of the best quality and has a classic style.

Our placemats also have the additional benefit of being simple to clean. We purposefully did this. They can be quickly cleaned with a damp dishcloth and stored, or you can leave them out until the following dinner. You've got it simple thanks to us. Don’t only dress the part but feel like your home is a palace this new year with our elegant placemat pieces. Marry all the decorations in your home now when you use these placemats. The new year is a special period where we get to meet up with loved ones and what better way to do that than to have your dining table looking like a royal one. 

The good news is that these placemats not only serve as an extra flare to your home, they would also protect your surfaces and leave them shimmering despite the number of guests you have over. You don’t need to worry about keeping clean with our magical, breathtaking placemats at LAFENORA. A contemporary and improved version of the conventional placemat is the irregular leather placemat made by the Lafenora. These placemats have an organic and natural form and are made from recycled leather. It is simple to coordinate with other table decorations and can be used on a regular basis or for special occasions like this one.

We know how much you want to preserve your tradition and bring to life only warmth in your home, that is why these placemats from LAFENORA still have a part of your history attached to it. It is modern but still traditional in many ways. It is the infusion of more than two generations that come together once in a year. Make your new year season special and memorable with this stunning placemat now! 

A LAFENORA placemat helps to curb disorderliness and dirt as dining is the most participated activity with lots of participants this time of the year. Therefore food stains are very regular and are the most feared. This placemat helps protect expensive furnishings from massive stains and is also very easy to clean afterwards.

It doesn’t require so much energy to maintain. It can be maintained by simply swiping a cloth over the placemat. It is every home owner's dream this Christmas as it makes the work half easy. One of the best ways to clean up after Christmas or the holidays is by purchasing and utilizing the LAFENORA placemat, this way you purchase both beauty and functionality in one buy. 

This new year, make a buy that’s truly worth it when you shop from our store.

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