Recycled leather is used to make coasters and placemats. You could also propose a unique idea for a housewarming gift or birthday present to your loved ones.

Make your table look interesting visually. Recycled leather off-cuts from the leather industry are given a second life in this reversible placemat. The recycled materials are cleaned, compressed, and bonded to create an environmentally beneficial substance. The Recycled Leather Placemat has two different color options on either side for your tabletop.

Authenticity Guarantee 

All of the designs we offer for sale at LAFENORA Store are genuine and curated. By conducting extensive study and collaborating closely with the designers, we guarantee the integrity of our goods. The aesthetic of the LAFENORA collection's good design pieces is embodied in our products.

Enjoy Our Seasonal Range As You Celebrate The Most Beautiful Time Of The Year. Redefine those decadent dinners and parties by bringing that upscale glimmer into your home.

Nothing is more fulfilling than using recycled materials for a new project. You'll enjoy meals even more with our new 100% recycled leather placemats and coasters knowing that you're living elegantly and sustainably. Each mat and coaster features a surface that is simple to wipe down, is stain resistant, and each has a beautiful color. 

The environmental damage brought on by the fashion industry is getting worse. Many brands are consequently moving toward greater sustainability. It indicates that they are finally reviewing all of their manufacturing and material procedures, including the use of leather. 

When leather is improperly disposed of, it can pollute the environment and release dangerous gases. 

By recycling and reusing leather offcuts and garbage, the demand for virgin leather and the hazardous manufacturing process it necessitates are decreased. Furniture, shoes, and vintage clothing all include leather bits that can be collected. 

The leather is then cut into pieces, mixed with water, and finally bound with materials like wood bark and natural rubber. The leather pulp is then mechanically treated to a desired size, color, and even texture before being made into a sheet. 

Whole leather scraps can be used to make smaller accessories like belts, wallets, and bags. 

One of the key focuses of our company is to better utilize and transform wasted leather into our beautiful placemats. Placemats can be both useful and decorative, serving to both protect your table and add accents of color and texture to your dining. A place setting can quickly and easily gain personality by using placemats.

The dining table mat can add a range of designs and styles to your house, depending on your tastes. You can create a raw style or a more neutral appearance with lovely colors and our oval-shaped leather placemat. To give your home a distinctive and lively appearance, use leather table mats with confidence. The only restriction is one's own imagination, indeed. 

Without spending a fortune on new furniture, enhance the appearance of your dining room. Your dining area will seem new thanks to this unique set, which is available in a variety of colors. Use our convenient placemats set for every occasion to let your house speak for you. If you prefer to spend time at home, feel free to host a romantic dinner or celebrate Thanksgiving with your house looking its best.

LAFENORA supports the protection of our environment and repurposing of quality materials meant for waste. We understand the importance of environmental cleanliness and have created these unique and gorgeous placemats for the purpose of fine dining. Our approach is not only practical, it is aesthetically pleasing to all our placemat users. 

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With the help of this lovely placemat, you may glam up your preferred dinner dishes and pair them with colorful flatware. Our table mats provide you the freedom to explore, so your home will always be decorated for both everyday life and special occasions. 

Set the tone for a special supper for your family, a family thanksgiving, or even a romantic dinner date. Turn it up a notch by mixing and matching this unique placemat's design. 

You can create the exact expression you want in this way. Thanks to our table mats, you are free to experiment and test out various appearances and expressions. 

With table mats by LAFENORA, your home will always be tastefully furnished for both regular life and special occasions.This placemat has heat insulation properties that shield the table from dents and stains and ensure that liquids won't seep through. 

Not only can our placemats be placed on the desktop anywhere, but they can also effectively shield your desktop from damage. Additionally, this placemat has a chic design and would look great on a kitchen or dining room table. 

The asymmetrical leather placemat from Lafenora is something you should get because it is a more upscale and modern interpretation of the traditional placemat. These placemats have an organic, natural shape and are made of recycled leather. It can be used frequently or only on special occasions and mixes very well with other table decorations.



The placemat is difficult to wear, durable, and washed numerous times; additionally, it is difficult to fade and retains its original appearance thanks to the excellent dyeing process and exquisite workmanship. 

Protects the desktop 

This placemat has heat insulation properties that shield the table from dents and stains and ensure that liquids won't seep through. Effectively, these placemats.

A placemat can be used to improve the appearance of the dining table in addition to serving its primary function of shielding it from stains, particularly those brought on by food spills, heat damage, or water stains on hardwood furniture. Leather placemats can provide a lovely touch to any dining space.

Minimalist Approach 

A. Machine washable Resilient to wrinkles.

B. Not necessary to iron. 

C. Easy to clean 

Your table deserves a stylish makeover and decor! These distinctive placemats are the ideal finishing touch for leading a simple life.

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