When arranging the table, placemats may appear to be an unnecessary extra, but they also have a practical use. The importance of a placemat was something I had to learn the hard way when we had kids and a new glass table in our house with my kids running around the place. 

It assists with spills that are unavoidable and keeps our table looking brand-new for as long as possible. Placemats also cover the tabletop from heat, cold, and food, which is crucial for delicate or vintage items.

Any wooden, marble, lacquered, or stone surface needs to be protected. Placemats should not only be used at mealtimes, though. It is advised to use a placemat as a layer under your laptop if you work from home and at the kitchen table to prevent it from harming your furnishings.

Placemats are more adaptable because they may be placed on any surface, such as a table or a kitchen island, where you might be enjoying a meal. We designed the most ideal placemat appropriate for every special moment in all houses to make it easier for you to locate the best placemats for any occasion, from regular furniture protection to an added decorative touch.

Their main purpose of a LAFENORA placemat is to shield the cover table from smudges, stains, and heat damage. Particularly placemats made of leather can erve as adornment. They may be used in restaurants to promote the cuisine, discounts, nearby establishments, or kid-friendly activities. Find the best and recommended placemat at LAFENORA store today. One of the most priceless times you spend with your loved ones throughout the day occurs at the dinner table, where a true family gathering takes place. Furthermore, with lovely leather placemats, these significant occasions become even more lovely and memorable.

Exemplary presents that are given with thought;

Placemats are very thoughtful gifts to share to loved ones because it not only helps to protect their home, it also adds to the elegance and design of it. The LAFENORA placemat is a must have and can be given to those you say you love. It is the perfect gift for every occasion and to those that own homes. The table can be shielded by using our placemats. I get the impression that something is lacking when I sit at the table with nothing but a plate of food. 

Always use placemats when dining at a table made of glass to protect the surface from scuffs and scratches as well as to prevent noisy clattering of metal cutlery and ceramic dishes. 

On the kitchen table, they are mostly used. Since we clear them off after eating, it primarily muffles the sound of dishes clattering and serves as a type of signal for mealtime.

Both glass tables with lovely decorations that you don't want to cover with a tablecloth and glass tables where laying dishes directly on the glass is typically too harsh for many people feel protected by it. The blissful sensation of cushioning your table occasionally. 

They can be used to teach kids good etiquette and are also often utilized. No matter your age, you can use the LAFENORA placemat. Choosing colors that go well with the space is enjoyable. Utilizing one consistently simply seems so perfect.

The following are the top 5 ways that placemats make your life better: 

1) They safeguard the surface of your table.

2) They add aesthetics and decorate.

3) They are practical and environmentally friendly.

4) Offer entertainment.

 5) Improving sanitation and reducing noise.

The placemat setting

Even the smallest kids may pick up proper dining manners. Start by showing them how to lay a leather placemat. For dinner, a spotless table mat is good, or you might purchase some lovely placemats. Let the child choose which placemat goes where by ordering ones from LAFENORA in a variety of colors or patterns now.

The positioning of the plates and serving pieces is next. All of these might not be necessary in a semi-formal atmosphere, but they are included just in case. The supper plate is, of course, in the middle. On the dish, the napkin has been folded (or you can put them in napkin rings). If this is the case in your family, make sure they know to put the salad dish on top of the dinner plate. A knife with the blade facing the plate, a spoon, and a bigger soup spoon are displayed to the right of the plate. The general rule is to begin using the utensils from the outside in. Therefore, you just leave that if you're not offering soup.

The forks are located to the left of the plate, with the smaller salad fork on the exterior (which should be used first) and the dinner fork inside. Place the glasses and coffee/tea cups to the right of the plate, above. A tiny plate for bread or rolls and a butter knife are placed above and to the left. Teach your kids to place the dessert plate with utensils above the dinner plate, but you can also bring these in after the dinner dishes have been cleared.

A fantastic approach for kids to get involved in the mealtime routine is to teach them how to set the table. When the family sits down to eat at the table they set, they can be proud of their work, and it might encourage them to behave politely. Using a placemat from LAFENORA can help you achieve this. 

Family Dining Expectations: Creating the Right Mood 

Before supper even starts, your child needs to meet a few expectations. They should be well dressed in clean clothes, with their hands and faces bathed and their hair neatly combed. At the table, hats are not permitted. Cell phones should be put away and no electronic gadgets are allowed at the table. If you have a home phone, switch it off and let voicemail take the call (put an elastic band around the receiver to remind you to turn it back on after dinner). You should be able to spend uninterrupted time with your family at this serene hour of the day! I used to read a lot as a kid and was frequently caught taking a book to the table.

It's also improper to read at the dinner table. In order to interact and share with family, turn off the radio and TV as well. While you are dining, pets should be kept outside the room. Using placemats to dine will certainly enforce these rules more as they express a special family event about to take place. 

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