If you're the type of person who prefers to eat on the move, stand up while you converse, or sit by the TV to unwind, placemats may not be something you use every day. Though most still believe they are useful items to have around, especially if you have children. It can be kept underneath the water bowl for the cat, your messiest crafts, and every meal you give your children. However, on occasion, it's nice to have beautiful placemats rather than your typical rugged ones because they look so lovely when you set the table for a lovely authentic family dinner! 

That’s the reason why purchasing a unique, beautiful placemat from the LAFENORA store is very important for every home. It is very affordable and effective snd prevents you from spending excessively much to get it elsewhere.

These are the top 5 ways that placemats improve your life: 

1) They protect your table's top from damage. 

2) They embellish and offer visual appeal. 

3) In addition to being useful, they are also environmentally beneficial. 

4)Provide utility. 

5) Improving hygiene and lowering noise. 


Even the youngest children can learn appropriate meal etiquette. Start by demonstrating how to set a placemat made of leather. For dinner, a pristine tablecloth works well, or you could get some pretty placemats. Placemats from LAFENORA can be ordered right away in a variety of hues or patterns. Let the child choose which one goes where.

The next step is to arrange the serving utensils and plates. Even though some of these might not be required in a semi-formal setting, they are all listed here just in case. Naturally, the dinner plate is in the center. 

The napkin is folded and placed on the plate (or you can put them in napkin rings). If your family is like this, be sure they understand that the salad dish should be placed on top of the dinner plate. To the right of the plate are a spoon, a larger soup spoon, and a knife with the blade facing the plate. The usual rule is to use the utensils starting on the outside and working inward. Therefore, if you're not providing soup, you should just leave that out.

The dinner fork is inside the smaller salad fork, which should always be used first. The forks are situated to the left of the plate. Place the cups for coffee or tea and glasses above, to the right of the platter. A butter knife is positioned to the left and above on a tiny dish for bread or rolls. Teach your children to set the dessert plate and serving utensils above the dinner plate, but feel free to bring them in after the dinner plates have been cleared. 

Teaching children how to set the table is a terrific way to get them engaged in the mealtime process. The family might be pleased with themselves when they eat at the table they set. 


Setting the Right Mood 

There are a few requirements that your youngster must fulfill before supper even begins. They had to be well-groomed, wearing clean clothes, with cleansed hands and faces, and with nicely combed hair. Hats are not allowed at the table. No electronic devices are allowed at the table, including cell phones, which should be put away. Turn off your house phone if you have one, and let voicemail answer the ring (put an elastic band around the speaker so you’d be reminded to turn it back on after dinner). At this peaceful hour of the day, you must enjoy the meals prepared while conversing with your family uninterrupted as is expected! When I was younger, I read a lot and was frequently caught sneaking a page, which is by the way wrong when eating.

Children can inculcate these good habits especially when the dining room is very conducive for consumption of all kinds. A placemat made by us at LAFENORA is primarily used to protect your top table from smudges, stains, and heat deterioration. Leather placemats, in particular, can serve as decor. They could be employed in dining venues to advertise the food, special deals, adjacent businesses, or family-friendly activities. Visit the LAFENORA store today to find the best placemat for your home!

At the dinner table, a true family gathering takes place, one of the most treasured moments you spend with your loved ones during the day occurs. These major moments are also made much more gorgeous and unforgettable with our lovely leather placemats in tow.As a homeowner, there are some wonderful surfaces with lovely embellishments you don't want to cover with a tablecloth, and your glass tables where you set dishes straight on the glass are usually too harsh and need protection. Your table feels cushioned from time to time when you use our placemat, which is a wonderful feeling.

In addition to being often used, they can be used to teach children proper manners. The LAFENORA placemat is appropriate for use by everyone. It's nice to select hues that work well with the surroundings. It just seems so great to use one all the time. Protective coverings are required for any wooden, marble, lacquered, or stone surfaces. However, it isn’t enough to simply use placemats for mealtimes. If you work from home and sit at the kitchen table, it can help greatly when you place a placemat underneath it to protect your table's surface from damage. 

Since placemats may be put on any surface, including a table or a kitchen island, where you might be eating, they are more flexible. We created the most ideal placemat suitable for every special occasion in every home to make it simpler for you to get the best placemats for any occasion, from regular furniture protection to an additional decorative touch.


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