At LAFENORA, add a touch of elegance to your table setting: with heavy-duty leather coasters and placemats made of rustic leather! A leather placemat is the magnificent finishing touch to every table, for every meal of life, whether the owner is an avid foodie who wants to add a touch of organic luxury to their table décor or affluent gastronomy experts who want to cross their I's in their luxury restaurant presentation. Continue reading to see the various secrets below:

1st Secret - Sustainability and elegance combine with functionality. 

What better way to accentuate your table setting with style and 5-Star elegance than with a magnificent leather table decoration? Select this gorgeous rustic-colored leather mat for your floor to complement your personal style and interior design. Our placemats will undoubtedly give a touch of elegance to any table when enjoying food and beverages with loved ones. To finish the arrangement, pair them with complementary (or contrasting) coasters from our store. 

2nd Secret -  Ultimate Guide

The LAFENORA 100% genuine leather placemats are designed to shield your table surface from moisture, stains, and scratches and are built to withstand anything from a casual breakfast to a big family dinner for years to come. All products are reasonably constructed in our own workshop using cow hides that have been sustainably tanned with vegetables using responsibly supplied materials. You may be sure that the leather product you choose will be ethical, fair, long-lasting, and simple to maintain and clean. These placemats are sure to reduce water use due to the extremely long product lifecycle of our products, the use of a lovely organic byproduct of our food sources, and the lack of washing linens lessen the impact of humankind on the environment.

3rd Secret - How can a leather placemat be cleaned? 

Our collection's placemats are all very simple to clean. They are made of special leather that was created for this purpose. To ensure that any spills may be quickly cleaned up with a damp towel, the leather underwent a specific dirt-repellent treatment during the last stages of the tanning process. Other than a quick wipe-off, the only additional care it requires is a very infrequent waxing with an all-natural leather preserver to maintain the leather hydrated and in prime condition to assure the leather's longest lifespan. Simple, right? Our unique placemat made of 100 percent natural leather is ideal for your house and may be matched with your leather jacket, apron, and many other items.

4th Secret - The highest quality leather is used to make our placemats. 

In our own workshop, master artisans create each and every one of our products. By doing so, we can ensure that our artisan leathercraft adheres to the highest standards. Only A-grade skins are used to create the materials we employ, and they are all naturally tanned. Many other products on the market are constructed from stitched fragments of leather or B-grade leathers. Although this is an excellent strategy to cut production costs, the end product's quality will suffer significantly as a result. These mats may appear OK at first glance, but daily use will more quickly reveal wear and tear, giving them a dismal appearance and end product expectancy. 

At LAFENORA, we assure the best quality only because we believe in customer satisfaction. Shop this necessary tool now!

Our hearts ache when we touch and view these bonded leathers, which are composed of a variety of shoddy materials and include only a little amount of genuine leather within, yet are marketed as genuine leather. Additionally, leather is a term that can be used to describe any type of animal skin on any layer of the hide. Genuine organic leather that is 100% real is available at LAFENORA. Nothing but the real thing, please!

5th Secret - Lasts a lifetime 

Our placemats are made from the finest leather available, all of them are at least quite thick. As a result, they have a sturdy appearance and are weighty, guaranteeing a great stick on your table and the greatest quality to last a lifetime. There are no thin, slick sheets that, after a few usage, will fold and flex like paper sheets. But strong and robust leather that will last for a long time and even gets better looking and more characterful with age. For the ultimate finishing touch of luxury and style, all of our table mats have a full oval stitching around the borders. Design is in the details!

6th Secret - Offers more dining space 

The Oval placemats have a more traditional design but provide extra room for cutlery and other accessories in addition to your plate. Because of its straightforward, strong construction, the leather is more visible, highlighting the table's more rustic and natural style.

It has plenty of personality and is strong and hardy as nails. It is an example of the expert leather craftsmanship that has gone into making it, making it a motivating and sustainable product.

Every single work of art is distinctive. Color dimensions add depth and warmth to the opulent appearance of this gorgeous leather, adding a touch of tough understated grandeur to any dining occasion. These thick, very high-quality leather placemats come in a variety of striking hues. They have a protective covering that makes them easy to clean and maintain so they will last a lifetime.

All amateur chefs wishing to elevate their table or searching for the most beautiful leather gift for someone very special are invited to browse through our range of gorgeous leather placemats and coasters, which are all in stock right now.

How can I choose the best options for me? 

Your personal desire and taste will choose the best leather placemat for you. Starting with the shape, LAFENORA offers luxurious oval placemats in two distinct sizes. A popular shape in modern design is the oval one. Using these placemats as the foundation for your dinner setting can make any table stand out in a trendy and contemporary way with little effort.

These elegant placemats complement practically any décor and have a classic design that will safeguard your table and linens for many years.

Take advantage of these tips when you buy a placemat at LAFENORA right now: https://www.lafenora.com/

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