Using a placemat as part of your restaurant's decoration is not a new phenomenon. Not only does it reduce cost, it helps in properly beautifying the area and attracts people of all caliber to try out your recipes.

Even if your restaurant serves the best food in the world, it won't last long without a strong marketing plan in place. Customers are looking for an experience rather than just food, according to the majority of restaurant marketing professionals. You must first develop and establish your personal brand if you want to create an experience at your restaurant. 

Your restaurant's identity, narrative, and values are all embodied in your brand, which also communicates to customers what kind of dining experience they may anticipate from you. When building a brand, it's important to take your target market and the experience you want customers to have into account. 

Your restaurant's brand needs to be recognisable and consistent throughout all of its elements in order for it to stand out. That is why having unique designs that stand out helps attract your target audience.


You might not be aware of it, but creating a physical menu that clients enjoy is no easy task. To make your business stand out as completely distinct, carefully consider the arrangement of the menu items, section spacing, colors, fonts, and images on the menu. 

Your menu layout should never be difficult to understand, regardless of your brand. A hard to read or perplexing menu may frighten patrons and perplex wait staff, leading to poor service and an unpleasant overall experience. Additionally, it's a good rule of thumb to have your menu layout reflect the actual dining experience, with appetizers at the top and desserts near the bottom. Of course, if extravagant desserts and eccentricity are part of your brand, you might be better off doing the opposite.

Customers should learn more about you when they pick up your restaurant's menu than just the kind of food you provide; instead, your menu should be created such that your establishment stands out in terms of the experience it offers. 

Fortunately, achieving this isn't difficult. Your restaurant may stand out from the crowd by using an easy-to-understand menu template with carefully chosen colors, fonts, and phrases.


A placemat has the ability to showcase your craft and promote brand authenticity. It also adds to the experience of your restaurant and appeals to all your clients. Many people don’t only come out to get food but the experience that comes with dining out as well. The relationship between a well designed and functional placemat from the LAFENORA store and marketing are very intertwined.

To market your restaurant in a unique way, you should have unique ways of doing things, unique designs littered around that bring about positivity and patronage. Our LAFENORA placemat not only serves a beautification purpose but a functional one as well. It marries and ties all designs together leaving your customers longing for more. With the right placemats, you can make and keep your customers forever. 

A placemat is very important in all restaurants to shield their beautiful and classy tables from damage while beautifying the environment, that is why you should purchase this well crafted and beautiful but functional LAFENORA placemat now. Any restaurant owner that wants his/her restaurant to stand out must put in place various furnishings to accessories and accentuate the building leaving guests wanting for more. That is why you need the beautiful LAFENORA placemat to help make every meal time magical. 

This leather placemat from LAFENORA is a need if you consider yourself to be stylish. The purpose of creating these distinctive leather placemats was to elevate elegance and create distinctive designs to make your restaurant stand out. 

Your restaurant looks more sophisticated and feels more at home in your kitchen because of the Lafenora placemats' asymmetrical oval form. The perfect size lets you show off your gorgeous table while still having room for additional items. It is big enough to hold necessities while still being portable. 

The cognac hue and the exquisite texture of leather combine to produce a rich, elegant table. 

It's a mat that you put out for your customers that has them running back.


Modern placemats are a symbol of great elegance and contemporary on your table. Using a set of table mats at your restaurant with a unique pattern that accentuates your table will lend a sophisticated touch to any dining occasion. 

With a set of modern placemats and coasters from Lafenora, you can easily and quickly transform your table into a lovely and elegant setting for those special dinners or significant lunches.. 

At the LAFENORA Store, we only sell authentic, carefully chosen designs. We ensure the integrity of our products by doing in-depth research and working closely with the designers. Our items embody the look of the fine design elements from the LAFENORA line. 

As you begin this New Years journey, take advantage of our seasonal selection. Bring that premium shine into your restaurant to redefine those delicious dinners and gatherings. 

The satisfaction of employing recycled materials for a new project is unmatched. With our new 100% recycled leather placemats and coasters, you can serve in style while still living sustainably, which will make you appreciate meals even more. Each mat and coaster has a surface that is easy to clean, and resists stains quickly. Therefore, making it easy to maintain and very durable.


Resturants need to look opulent and classy to attract the right people. This ends of making intending owners spend a whole lot of money on various designs to make their restaurant unique. Purchasing LAFENORA placemats is one way to ensure the beauty and uniqueness of your restaurant while saving cost. 

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