Table etiquette, Optimal eating practices, Self-control. We all want our kids to grow these skills, but it can be challenging for parents to know where to begin and how. Did you know that youngsters can begin to exhibit these traits as soon as they begin to show an interest in solid food? 

Though you may believe it's impossible to inculcate these attributes in your infant or toddler, it's actually rather simple if you have the correct goals and resources. 

Real china, glass, and silverware; a weaning table or highchair that pulls up to the dining room table; and a specific placemat are three useful Lafenora elements that will help your baby have a successful mealtime. 

With the help of the LAFENORA placemat, your child will become accustomed to setting her cup in a secure location, begin learning how to arrange her silverware, and finally be able to set the table by herself. Every caregiver should get this exquisite placemat because it is constructed to the highest standards. 

In this article, you will understand just how important these unique tools are to your child’s upbringing.



An alternative feeding arrangement between the parent and child is facilitated by a weaning table. The youngster learns to actively participate in her feeding process and realizes that she is no longer reliant on her mother's body for nutrition. Children will frequently taste a wider variety of tastes and textures if they are permitted to feed themselves (or at least participate in the process using their own spoon). When a child eats separately from the family, the weaning table is the ideal option (such as the afternoon snack).


A highchair that pulls up to the table makes the kid feel included and strengthens her sense of belonging on occasions when she is eating at the same time as the rest of the family. A youngster learns through seeing, imitating, and experimenting while she takes part in lunch with the family.

She observes her parents using a fork before picking up her own and experimenting with which end is most successful at delivering food to her lips. She learns that spills must be cleaned up, that napkins are for wiping mouths, and that chatting is a fun aspect of the meal. She gains access to different meals and effortlessly broadens her pallet. She learns how to be patient.

This is a very important phase in a child’s life.


A Lafenora placemat gives a young child a "road plan" for her first eating experiences. Real china, silverware, and glassware instill a sense of trust in the youngster and elevate the new experience.

Why make use of LAFENORA placemats?

It also prolongs the life of the table by protecting it from scratches caused by heated plates and by moving plates. Placemats are very essential for children's use because it not only teaches them table manners, it also protects them from certain accidents while making them responsible for their feeding. 

Ever wonder why a one year old keeps grabbing their spoon from you? It’s because they feel somewhat responsible for their feeding. To better enliven the feeling of responsibility, a parent such as yourself has to use the best tools. A placemat ensures the child’s knowledge of proper placemat and encourages good table etiquette. Instead of staying of his/her own, the child can fully participate in family activities from a safe position. 

Do they have to coordinate with the walls, plates, and napkins? 

Placemats provide the table a beautiful touch. When selecting a placemat to adorn your table, keep in mind the color of the space as well as any decorative accents like the porcelain plates, napkins, centerpiece, or floral arrangement. It also gives the child a feeling of completeness. If your goal is to heightened the senses of your children while introducing them to a beautiful couture, then the LAFENORA placemat is a must buy.

The placemat is left on the table for how long? 

Unlike the usage of a charger, which is taken off the table before the main course or before dessert is served, placemats remain on the table during the whole meal. A placemat can also stay on the table even after a meal has been served. It is not only for the protection of your dining table or the wholesomeness of your child but it also adds to the overall tentative decoration of your home.

What placemat size works best? 

Placemats made of leather measure a perfect ovaI round the table. It should be big enough to show its beauty and contain necessary holdings but also small enough to show off your dining table. I believe that a table has a beautiful appeal with more of the attractive, polished wood showing if placemats are going to be used. When you shop for a placemat from LAFENORA, rest assured you are getting the perfect size. 

It goes without saying that adjusting to motherhood can be challenging. Finding items that work is a challenge in and of itself, but every mom has experienced her fair share of uncertainty, from what diapers to buy to how to get their tiny ones to fall and remain asleep. That is, until mothers began taking matters into their own hands by developing their own problem-solvers, proving the cliché "mothers know best" is still relevant. 

One best aid mothers have found most useful is the LAFENORA placemat. We know how difficult and exciting it is for mothers/caregivers to take care of their children, therefore we created the perfect addition to every home and we have enlisted both its beauty and usefulness for you to see.

The leather placemats come with useful tethers that tie to your baby's toys and can contain your baby’s essentials like a bib, saving mom and dad time and effort from frequently picking things up off the muddy ground. Everything is always properly held in place.

A LAFENORA placemat is every mothers delight. COP YOURS NOW:

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