Your brand embodies the identity, story, and values of your restaurant and lets customers know what kind of eating experience they can look forward to from you. Your target market and the experience you want clients to have should both be taken into consideration when creating a brand. 

For your restaurant to stand out, the brand needs to be recognizable and consistent throughout all of its components. Because of this, having distinctive designs that stick out can help you draw in your target market.

It's not unusual to include a placemat in your restaurant's decor. In addition to lowering costs, it enhances the neighborhood's aesthetics and encourages visitors of all classes to try your recipes. 

Without a solid marketing strategy in place, your business won't survive long even if it delivers the best food in the entire globe. Most restaurant marketing experts agree that customers want more than simply food; they want an experience. If you want to create an experience at your restaurant, you must first build and establish your unique brand.

The preservation of the environment and effective resource use are LAFENORA's top priorities. Our multifunctional placemat's leather was recycled, which is a good thing to do to support environmental conservation. As a result, we back the widely supported motion and work diligently to uphold moral principles.


It might not occur to you, but designing a physical menu that customers will appreciate is not an easy undertaking. Consider the order of the menu items, section spacing, colors, typefaces, and photos on the menu carefully if you want your company to stand out as wholly unique. 

No matter what brand you represent, your menu layout should never be challenging to understand. A difficult-to-read or confusing menu may terrify customers and confound wait staff, resulting in subpar service and a bad overall experience. A good rule of thumb is to place the appetizers at the front of the menu and the sweets toward the bottom to resemble the actual dining experience. Of course, if opulent treats and eccentricity are a part of your brand, it might be preferable to do the opposite action. 

When customers pick up your menu, they should discover more about you than just the type of cuisine you provide; rather, your menu should be designed so that your restaurant stands out in terms of the experience it provides. 

Fortunately, doing so is not challenging. Using a menu template that is simple to grasp and with well picked colors, fonts, and phrases may help your restaurant stand out from the competition.


A placemat can boost brand authenticity while showcasing your craft. Additionally, it enhances the dining experience at your restaurant and draws in all of your patrons. Many individuals go out to eat not only for the cuisine but also for the experience of dining out. There is a close connection between marketing and a well-made, practical placemat from the LAFENORA store. 

To sell your restaurant in a distinctive fashion, you must employ distinctive practices and disperse distinctive designs that encourage goodwill and business. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, our LAFENORA placemat is also useful. It unites and connects all designs, leaving your customers yearning for more.

To help make every mealtime magical, you need the lovely LAFENORA placemat. 

If you believe yourself to be stylish, you must have this leather placemat from LAFENORA. These beautiful leather placemats were made with the intention of elevating elegance and generating unique designs to set your business apart. 

The asymmetrical oval shape of the Lafenora placemats makes your restaurant appear more upscale and feel more at home in your kitchen. The ideal size allows you to display your lovely table while still having space for other objects. It is portable and large enough to contain needs.

A rich, elegant table is created by combining the cognac color and the exquisite texture of leather. So, set out our LAFENORA placemat for your clients, and watch them keep coming back because of it. 


On your table, contemporary placemats are a mark of outstanding elegance. Any dining occasion will have a more upscale feel if you use a set of table mats in your restaurant with a distinctive pattern that highlights your table. 

You can quickly and simply change your table into a gorgeous and elegant setting for those special dinners or important lunches with a set of contemporary placemats and coasters from Lafenora.

The LAFENORA Store only offers genuine, handpicked designs. By doing in-depth research and collaborating closely with the designers, we guarantee the integrity of our products. Our products capture the aesthetic of the exquisite LAFENORA line design elements. 

During your journey this year, benefit from our seasonal offerings. Bring that high-end sheen into your eatery to reinvent those delectable feasts and events. 

Utilizing recycled components for a new project provides unparalleled delight. You can serve in style and live sustainably with our new 100% recycled leather placemats and coasters, which will increase your appreciation for food. Each mat and coaster features a surface that is stain-resistant and simple to clean. 

This makes it incredibly durable and simple to maintain. 


Restaurants must appear elegant and opulent to draw in the proper customers. This ultimately forces would-be restaurant owners to spend a lot of money on numerous designs to differentiate their establishment. Investing in LAFENORA placemats is one method to keep your restaurant beautiful and distinctive while saving money. 

The designers at LAFENORA Mats can produce the designs you've asked for the most reasonable pricing, as well as special designs especially for occasions like parties and banquets. We allow modest orders, so you can buy the table mats from us in little increments, even just two of each design at once. This allows you to maintain the appearance of your tables as frequently as you desire without having to pay expensive inventory fees. 

When you've decided to buy the placemats, you may do so by looking through our catalog section and putting an online order.

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