Placemats play a very vital role in the strengthening of bonds between family members and friends. Not only does it help children inculcate the right eating habits, it also improves the mood of all participants. Original and beautiful placemats that can be found in LAFENORA’s store today are examples of binding agents that foster family ties.

Meal times are very important in every family. It is often when bonds are mended and pending matters are squashed. Therefore, it is important to make your meal time a special one and enliven the mood of your friends and family.

There are some way placemats are used to foster family ties like;

1) A placemat prevents kids from resting their elbows on the table! As it is regarded as being quite disrespectful. Forearms resting on a table while eating is the best position for the arms. 

2) Never open your mouth when chewing; always keep it closed. The food you are eating shouldn't be visible to anyone! 

It's disrespectful to gorge yourself at the dinner table. It's important to teach patience to kids. Placemats encourage mouth closure when chewing and make it easier to thoroughly wipe the table despite stains. 

3) Only compliments on the meal will be made when the atmosphere is dynamic and upbeat. It helps guests keep things they dislike to themselves, even if something offends them.

4) Speaking while chewing food is another no-no! Before speaking, chew and swallow. 

Say "Excuse me for a moment" before getting up from the table to, say, use the restroom. 

5) It's rude and inconvenient to eat while scraping the fork against your teeth. In order to avoid making a scratching noise, remove the fork through closed lips. When finished, silently place the fork on the soft placemat. 

6) Use the napkin to cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, and always say "excuse me" afterward. 

You can use the napkins to wipe away food and drink, then put them back on your lap. On the table, they are also left in favorable positions as placemats from LAFENORA gives space for other items to be used.

7) It's impolite to slouch or tilt your chair when you're eating. The seating arrangements are made easier with placemats. Place your chair's four legs on the floor and sit up straight. 

8) Except when the item is a valid "finger food," such as pizza, rolls and bread, tacos, sandwiches, etc., eating with the fingers is not permitted in Jewish law. No matter what, placemats shield your table from unforeseen stains.

To a modern household, these dinnertime customs might seem stiff and out of date. However, I guarantee that if you use these guidelines while employing these fantastic placemats to your advantage, you will create a tranquil haven where the family may gather at the end of the day to enjoy a meal and one another's company. 

Learning dining etiquette is especially crucial for youngsters so that they know how to behave whether dining out or at the home of a friend, at Grandma's, and so on. In addition, it would belovely to spend a calm and well-behaved hour at the dinner table with your family in these times when so many conventional good manners have been abandoned and mannerlessness rules the day.

The Placemat Technique can be used with a wide variety of questions and prompts or for a wide range of learning goals, e.g.. To encourage children and family and foster strong family ties. Placemats are responsible for emitting various pleasant emotions in an environment. 

Setting the table properly is crucial since it affects three things: 

•It conveys the mood or attitude that people have toward working together. 

•It communicates to others that you value them highly enough to go above and beyond for them. 

•It has an impact on how the meal is presented.

The way the tables are positioned in restaurants helps to create an environment. Mention different restaurants and talk about the emotions that everyone might experience at each one. 

While the environment in certain places varies, the food doesn't. Home Cooked meals can have a great vibe. The following actions can change the mood whether you're eating at a kitchen table, card table, counter, dining room table, or on TV trays: 

•The use of placemats. 

•Lights are dimmed. 

•Playing relaxing background music. 

•Using floral arrangements or other appealing centerpieces. 

•Use your creativity to add candles, a potted plant, or figurines to the place settings. place flowers on the table mat.

People are frequently assessed by the manners they exhibit: 

Society determines proper behavior. They are said to have been developed from royalty via history. Numerous books on etiquette have been created, some of which cover topics like the kind of earring that goes best with a specific table arrangement. Be aware that different cultures have different social mores.You might want to perform some preliminary study if you want to live or visit overseas.Yes, since our manners are used to judge us, whether favorably or unfavorably. 

That is why you should lay a placemat from LAFENORA at the table that will not only improve the mood of your guests but also rate you higher.

We should eat with good manners and on a good placemat because we are around people, otherwise we could offend them. 

Applying the fundamental rules of table arrangement, table etiquette, and table service can help you to create a pleasant atmosphere that will improve both the quality of your relationships and the presentation of your cuisine. Respect for others is demonstrated by good manners. 

Besides eating, there should be other activities around the table, such as: 

1) Conversational communication. 

2) The growth of relationships. 

Values personal growth (I care enough to spend time with you). 

4) The sharing of ideas 

These activities all strengthen links within families. That is why it is very important to improve the mood of your family and friends over a meal placed on a LAFENORA placemat. It creates a very pleasant opportunity. 


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